Your Photographer - Tom Gebicz

Hi, I'm Tom. Founder of RockitHome.com. Based in Barrie, Ontario.
Holding an old 8MM home video camera when I was a kid, my dad let me film home movies back in the late 80's and early 90's when we first came to Canada from Europe.  I didn't know it back then but a passion was developing inside my young growing mind. Fast forward a couple of decades and I'm helping you make movies and videos for your professional careers with RockitAllMedia.com
Here at ROCKiT HOME Real Estate Media, a branch off of RockitAll Media, we cater to real estate agents, landlords as well as homeowners who want to showcase their property in the most professional way with High-Quality photos and videos. 

Using high-quality HD and 4k video equipment, being a fully licensed "Advanced" drone operator in Canada, and having a background in aviation, RockitHome has the perfect blend  of professionalism, enthusiasm and light hearted fun on set and in the editing room,
+We specialize in MLS/Realtor photos for your listings.
+Professional quality MLS property videos.
+Professional quality rental property advertisements for landlords. 
+Agent profile commercials. 
+High quality outdoor architecture photos.
+And "Kick-ass" Drone footage :))

Our aim is to deliver the best quality photos and cinematic looking videos for your properties/listings or income properties so you can sell or rent them out faster than a speeding rocket (Rockit). Or if the rocket thing doesn't work, then we can always 'rock it' with our guitars and drums!! :) 

So let's get in touch. Send us a message and let's ROCKiT! 


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